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Need a simple workout you can follow at home, at the cottage, or in a hotel gym? All you need to remember is “hold, pulse, push, & power push!” Steal this go-to anywhere, anytime workout that’s easy to remember but a fantastic strength training challenge!

Recently, I went on a 7-hour road trip with my mom to attend my bestie’s baby shower. (There MAY have been a 4 hour shopping trip squashed in the middle of that, which turned it into a 12 hour trip…) Needless to say, we arrived at our hotel tired and stiff, our tummies filled with the greasy fare that is the norm at interstate rest stops. Our first stop the next morning was the hotel gym — yes, my mom is fitness obsessed too — but with a long day behind us and a long day ahead of us, the last thing we wanted was a complicated workout plan. I needed a simple-to-follow workout plan to get the heart pumping and the muscles singing in 20-30 minutes. What we did is an exercise framework that I often use when travelling and have limited equipment. I also revert to it when I’m catching up on my current favourite Netflix show but can’t sit still any longer. It’s simple… just “hold, pulse, push, & power push!”

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Start by warming up for 5 minutes either by jogging, running stairs, performing jumping jacks, or some combination of all three. Try to complete the following circuits without resting from one exercise to the next. If you do need to rest, keep your rest period to 10-20 seconds.


Circuit 1. Perform each of the following for 20 seconds, without rest if possible:

  • Squat & hold. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bend knees to 90 degrees. Hold and press your weight into your heels, while keeping your chest up and eyes forward.
  • Squat & pulse. Maintain the above squat position, but pulse up and down 1 inch, staying low.
  • Squat. Perform full squats, pushing through the heels.
  • Squat jump. Using your arms to provide momentum, explosively jump in the air and land in a squat with your knees bent, pushing through the heels into another jump immediately.

Repeat circuit an additional time. REST 1 minute.


Circuit 2. Perform each of the following for 20 seconds, with your hands on a bench, your stairs, or the back of a couch (or flat on the ground for more intensity).

  • Push up & hold. Start in a narrow grip push-up position and bend arms, keeping elbows tucked into your sides.  Hold at the lowest position that you can, with your abs and glutes braced hard, chin off of your chest.
  • Push up & pulse. Maintain the above pushup position, but pulse up and down 1 inch, staying low.
  • Push up. Perform full push ups, keeping your arms brushing against your sides if possible.
  • Plyometric push up. Explosively push hands off bench and land in pushup position, immediately bending elbows to move into the next push up, and push off again.

Repeat circuit an additional time. REST 1 minute. 


Circuit 3. Perform each of the following for 20 seconds on one side, rest, then switch sides for your 2nd circuit.

  • Side plank. Prop yourself on elbow, with a straight line from your shoulder to your elbow, and hold the plank with your feet stacked or in an offset position if too difficult. Prop elbow on stair, bench, or couch if too difficult.
  • Side plank & pulse. Maintain the above side plank position, but pulse up and down 1 inch, staying high.
  • Side plank & tap. Maintain the above side plank position, but tap your bottom hip on the ground repeatedly.
  • Side plank & lift. Maintain the side plank position while squeezing your glutes to lift your top leg a few inches, keeping your hips stacked throughout the movement.

REST 30 seconds. Repeat circuit on other side. 

I love this movement pattern not only for how it keeps the same muscles under tension for the entire circuit, but also for how easy it is to remember! You start with a hold, add in a pulse, increase the range of motion, then add a little extra power at the end. If that power push at the end of the circuit sounds like too much for you right now, just continue with the full extension (full squats, push-ups, side plank with hip drop).

As long as you can remember to do 20 seconds of each, you can do these exercises anywhere. Its quick, its sweaty, and it gives your muscles a great burn!


kara with sebastian & mia

kara with sebastian & mia

Kara Stewart-Agostino trains at the BB locations in Mississauga, Bloor West and Liberty Village. She is a mommy of two, avid gardener, and lover of all things sweaty. You can book Kara for completely customized in-home BB personal training and start celebrating your body more!

What’s your favourite do-anywhere move?