5 exercise ball moves for your core


What can you do with that exercise ball, aside from bounce baby to sleep? Try this booty-burning, core-toning exercise ball circuit!

One of my absolute favourite things about being an in-home personal trainer, is showing people how to use things they have readily available in their home to create a butt-kicking workout! Aside from a set of stairs (we’ll save that for another day!), the one thing that most of my clients have in their home that they don’t use to its maximum potential is a stability ball. Because so many of my clients are new moms, the stability ball may have made its way into their house to use as an aide during the latter stages of pregnancy and for use during labour. Many people think they should use the ball either as an alternative to a chair or to do countless (and useless) crunches. The stability ball is actually an fantastic tool to challenge all aspects of your core.

Here’s a quick lower body & core workout on the ball! Try to move through all of the exercises with minimal rest. At the end of the circuit rest for 1-2 minutes, or as needed, then repeat 1-2 more times to really feel the burn.

bridge-2 bridge-1

glute bridge with head on ball – 15 reps

Head and shoulders resting on the ball, arms crossed over chest. Drop hips to tap bum on floor then squeeze glutes and press through the heels to lift hips, without arching low back excessively.


straight leg bridge with feet on ball – 15 reps

Lie on the ground with a stability ball under your heels. Push your heels down into the ball to push your hips up. Squeeze your glutes!


hamstring curl – 15 reps

These are guaranteed to have your hamstrings singing! Lie on the ground with a stability ball under your heels. Push your heels into the ball as you simultaneously push your hips up and curl the ball towards your butt. It helps to exhale deeply through this movement!. Hold for one count before you straighten your legs and lower hips to return to the starting position.


inner thigh squeeze – 15 reps

Lying face-up on the floor with legs extended and hips at 90 degrees, position ball between ankles and calves. Drawing your ribs and abs down, squeeze ball and hold for 1 count. Hold for 5 counts on last rep.


plank with elbows on ball – 20-30 seconds with good form

Rest elbows on ball and hold a plank position. Keep abs TIGHT and squeeze glutes and thighs to hold. For increased stability you can wedge the ball in the corner of a wall. As you get stronger, move the ball away from the wall for a deeper core challenge!

Try this fab circuit as a warmup for your usual jog or walk, or inject some cardio intervals or stairs between the circuits to up the intensity! Then check yourself out in the 3-way mirror… 


kara with sebastian & mia

kara with sebastian & mia

Kara Stewart-Agostino trains at the BB locations in Mississauga, Bloor West and Liberty Village. She is a mommy of two, avid gardener, and lover of all things sweaty. You can book Kara for completely customized in-home BB personal training and start celebrating your body more!