Get strong, fit, and confident all from home.

Exercise, nutrition, mindset, and self-care with expert coaching, all from home and all at a totally justifiable, less-than-a-pedicure price.

You know WHAT to eat but still find yourself elb0w-deep in a cracker box.

You’re paying for a gym membership because cancelling it feels like failure.

You wonder how other mamas find the time to exercise when life feels so crazy.

You’re tired of coming home after work and wondering WTF is for dinner.

Your body feels sore, tired and heavy, and your confidence has tanked.

You keep thinking “this Monday” will be different. And then its not. 

Discover the SECRETS of sustainable exercise and nutrition so you can be your fittest.

This is fitness done right. Simple. Effective. Sustainable. FUN.

Real mom-to-mom support. Body-positive nutrition & fat loss. Fun weekly workout videos for every fitness level. Weekly meal planning printable & recipes. Daily challenges & check-ins. Safe core training.

The best part? You’re going to do it all along with your fellow mamas, through our exclusive #WholeMama private Facebook group. You’ll finally have that group of healthy girlfriends you need to stay accountable.

What do you get when you join the #WholeMama Master Class?

  • A brand new workout video each week, strengthening head to toe with basic equipment you have at home

  • Additional core workouts and mini-workouts to help you reach your goals

  • Meal prepping inspiration and recipes

  • A monthly, printable PDF calendar or iCal/Google calendar with daily challenges and reminders

  • Valuable monthly LIVE workshops on fitness & wellness topics that matter with live Q&As 

  • Special interviews and workshops with featured experts

  • Accountability check ins to ensure you’re staying on track with workouts, daily challenges & nutrition

  • LIVE online support and motivation




Say goodbye to feeling alone.

Get daily inspiration, LIVE online support, workout check-ins, exclusive exercise & wellness workshops, and daily challenges you won’t find anywhere else from your Coach, Chief WholeMama & Founder of BB, Dara Bergeron.

Real results. Real sustainability. Real community.

No more worrying about “falling off the wagon.”

No more diets.

No more hating your body.

No more feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

This is the POWER of accountability & science-based fitness and nutrition coaching.