Be THAT Mama.

You’re smart, driven, successful and capable. You don’t have time for pseudo-science or cookie-cutter “diets.”

We’ll turn your life around, from the inside out, with holistic nutrition & fitness coaching that makes you look at the world, and yourself, differently.

Your energy will return. You’ll feel strong. You’ll find it easy to eat well without restricting yourself. You’ll be a better role model for your little ones.

You’ll be that mom. The one you know you were born to be.

Let’s do it, mama. You and me. I’ve only got 20 spots and they’re filling, fast. Save your spot now.



Save your spot before anyone else for Online Coaching With Dara.

Here’s everything included in your all-online personal training package:

•    an introductory personal training “online” session to discuss your goals, needs, and tell me where you’re coming from and where you want to go

•    two 30-minute personal training “online” sessions per month, scheduled at your convenience, via FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout

•    a completely personalized, safe & effective workout program (for home, gym, or both) delivered every 2 weeks so you never get bored, and which will be customized for you whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or neither

•    personal contact with me 7 days per week via email and text message for questions, concerns, or just check ins to keep you on track

•    the award-winning year-long Precision Nutrition program delivered via a beautiful, mobile-friendly interface with audio, video & reading lessons, supervised by me as your personal coach

•    strategic daily nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle and don’t require you to count calories, carbs or weigh and measure – whether you’re vegetarian, gluten free or a lover of everything like me

•    expert coaching by me on your nutrition & fitness progress, adjustments to your program when needed, and regular feedback to keep you accountable

PLUS, because I know sometimes we just need that BB inspiration:

•    one BB class per week, at the location of your choice, at no extra charge as long as you are enrolled in online coaching with Dara.

The total price for this if purchased separately would be over $400 per month.

But I want to create a personalized training experience for those of us who don’t have $400+ dollars per month to spare.

I’ll be offering this entire package for only $179/month.

dara-cael-plankFor less than the price of lunches out, you get:

•    an introductory personal training session

•    a personalized eating & meal prep guide

•    2 personal training sessions per month focused on your body’s needs

•    a personal workout program created just for you every 2 weeks so you’re always progressing

•    the world’s top rated nutrition program with daily online lessons to keep you accountable

•    personal guidance from me on meal prep, mindset, feeding a family, working out at home, fitting it all in & staying sane at the same time

•    personal contact with me by phone & email 7 days per week.

You’ll have my undivided attention. And we will do this together, mama.

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Online Coaching Application (Pre-Sale)

Are you ready to change your life? Get yourself on the pre-sale list for Online Coaching With Dara starting Fall 2016. We'll let you know when it's time to save your spot, before the general public.