The only thing better than joining belly bootcamp is customizing your very own belly bootcamp training, at home, with one of our exceptional female trainers!

Imagine you, only stronger… with a fit, toned body and the energy and confidence to get you through anything motherhood throws at you.

At Belly Bootcamp, we understand fitness and we know motherhood. Belly Bootcamp trainers combine strength, cardiovascular and core training into one efficient workout that is always exciting and – best of all – gets results!

We understand the challenges of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting – our methods and strategies will help you finally fit fitness into your busy life. 

Personal Training

A training experience that meets all your needs.

  • one-on-one, completely personalized training 
  • nutrition & lifestyle coaching to help you reach your goals –
  • customized home workouts to keep you active all week –
  • direct access to your trainer by email & phone for coaching & support –
  • ability to exercise with baby alongside, if desired –
  • discounted BB group classes and priority enrolment

Schedule a free consultation with one of our amazing, female personal trainers.

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Personal Training Services

  • Reach your goals 80% faster with an experienced, certified Belly Bootcamp personal trainer. Whether in your home, office or condo gym, you will learn how to exercise efficiently with the most current methods to tone, strengthen and build a lean physique. Your fees include regular correspondence and guidance from your trainer, as well as completely customized workouts to be done on your own and nutrition/lifestyle coaching to ensure you get the best results possible.

    $70-90 per session.

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  • Share the experience (and the cost) with a friend or family member.  Bond with your husband, help motivate a girlfriend or lead by example with your teenager.

    $50 per person, per session, and up.

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  • Tell us what you need and for how many people and we will deliver it!  The ultimate in customized fitness for your family or group of girlfriends.
    Rates vary depending on frequency and group size.

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