BB Postnatal Fitness Classes

Ready to get fit? Focus on the areas you need most: endurance, posture and core strength, and healthy body fat levels.

Voted one of Toronto’s Top Bootcamps by BlogTO & Bloor West Villager!

We don’t compromise your workout just because baby is alongside. All Belly Bootcamp classes use the most effective techniques in women’s fitness to focus on the areas mommies & mommies-to-be need most. BB maintains trainer-to-client ratios of just 10 to 15 moms per group to ensure a level of training you just can’t get from any other fitness class. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish in just one hour at BB!

Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up, including one-on-one instruction in foundational exercises and movement skills, followed by a combination of cardiovascular and muscular training, core work and stretching all designed for the unique needs of expecting and new moms. All BB trainers follow a monthly workout schedule at each BB location, under the guidance of Founder & Head Trainer Dara Bergeron. You’ll receive the same quality and intensity of training no matter which location you train at, and you’ll never do the same workout twice. 

Check out our class descriptions and view the current schedule to choose a class near you. We can’t wait to meet you!

The BEST results. The MOST fun.

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Class Descriptions

  • Bring baby along for an exciting strength and cardiovascular workout with dynamic outdoor drills, bootcamp-style. Your little one will love the fresh air while you challenge yourself. Way more than just a walk in the park, the unique BB workout is designed to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape faster and more effectively with individual attention from your experienced BB personal trainer. Make new friends, bond with baby, and be your fittest ever! (babies 6 weeks or older) Named a Top Toronto Bootcamp by BlogTO, Bloor West Villager.

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  • Skip the costly gym and babysitter without sacrificing results! Working in a fun and non-intimidating group environment, you will restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape faster and more effectively. With a special focus on core strength and posture, BB is designed to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape faster and more effectively with individual attention from your experienced BB personal trainer. Make new friends, bond with baby, and be your fittest ever! (babies 6 weeks or older) Named a Top Toronto (Indoor) Bootcamp by BlogTO, Bloor West Villager.

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  • BB is Toronto’s first and best bootcamp for moms-to-be! Our fun and non-intimidating prenatal classes offer the best of both worlds: train in a small group, under the guidance of an experienced female personal trainer, with the company of fellow expecting moms.  Share laughs, stories and a great workout. Individual attention helps you enjoy your healthiest, fittest pregnancy and increase your chances of a smooth delivery. Bounce back after baby by investing in yourself during your pregnancy. (suitable for all trimesters & fitness levels)

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  • Don’t see a location or time on our regular schedule that works for you? Grab a group of girlfriends and name the place and time. We’ll send one of our amazing BB personal trainers to deliver the fun, heart-pounding, confidence-building training we’re famous for, with a personal touch for your unique group. Choose a neighbourhood park or your own basement or backyard. No equipment required! Enjoy the ultimate in customized fitness for your family or group of girlfriends with our results-driven techniques and creative group training exercises. (suitable for all fitness levels and stages/trimesters; can be combined prenatal/postnatal)

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  • One of the ways Belly Bootcamp exceeds our clients’ expectations is by limiting class sizes to ensure safety and effectiveness. It’s made us better than the rest and we can only do it if our mommies register in advance. In our experience, committing to a full registration also ensures our clients attend more regularly and get the #BBresults they are striving for! If you have holidays planned, you may place your BB enrollment on hold for 1-2 weeks by notifying us at or near the time of your registration.You will also receive 1 make up week for every full 10-week enrollment, in case of a sick day or sleepless night. Going back to work and only have a few weeks left? Ask about customizing a package to fit your timeline. 

  • At Belly Bootcamp, we are committed to delivering the highest-quality training your money and precious time can achieve! We don’t want you to pay for a “class pass” and then not use it — you won’t get the fitness training you really want, and we won’t get to brag about how amazingly fit we’ve helped you to get! We offer flexibility around vacations, make-up classes at any of our 7 locations and a free make-up week on each enrolment. While our competitors might offer drop-in classes, what they don’t offer is the personalized training and hands-down best results you get when you decide you really want to get fit and start working with a BB trainer in one of our popular classes. We know it’s worth a commitment, and we think you will, too.

  • Yes! No drill sergeants here – our trainers and clients are friendly, down-to-earth gals and we’re all mothers ourselves. All Belly Bootcamp trainers are experienced personal trainers, accustomed to dealing with all body types, fitness levels, injuries and conditions. You will complete a health history form as part of your registration process, and you may also call or email to notify us about your concerns. Our mommies have different levels of experience and fitness, so we provide options throughout our classes to make moves more advanced for those who need a challenge and offer individual advice or substitutions for those who have particular injuries or conditions. Many clients train with us for years, beginning with our lower intensity options and increasingly challenging themselves as they become fitter through their training with BB. 

  • From May through October, our main postnatal classes are offered in gorgeous, accessible Toronto parks – during this season, babies spend most time in the stroller (or sometime out on the grass, as you might notice in our photos). From November through April, we move indoors to studio locations and sweat it out with great tunes and shelter from the winter elements – during this season, babies spend time on mats, on blankets, asleep in car seats, or in carriers, depending on age, stage and what kind of mood they might be in. All Belly Bootcamp parks & studios are just a few blocks apart, are TTC accessible, have nearby parking and are stroller accessible. We recommend you bring a supportive front- or back-carrier to both indoor and outdoor classes so you can wear baby as needed, for minimal interruption of your great BB workout!

  • Our Belly Bootcamp evening/weekend classes are also open to mommies of all ages and stages, and many of our clients enjoy training in these classes after their maternity leaves have ended — some mommies have been training with us for several years! These are the only classes in which babies are not included and they are a great way to escape the kids – or maybe the housework – and get some structure & coaching for your workout week. You can also recruit a few girlfriends and form a “Custom BB” group in your basement or local park; we’ll send one of our fabulous BB trainers to you, and rates can be as affordable as our regularly scheduled classes, depending on group size.

  • Not to worry. At Belly Bootcamp, we specialize in working with pregnant and postpartum women, and regular prenatal and postnatal issues such as pelvic floor and abdominal complaints are something we see every day. First, we recommend you view our core database to inform yourself. Next, we recommend you are under the care of a pelvic health physiotherapist, or have had at least one session to determine a personalized treatment plan. Once your obstetrician, midwife, and/or physiotherapist has given you the green light to exercise (usually around 6-8 weeks postpartum), you can join BB. Our uniquely scalable method allows us to completely eliminate impact to protect your pelvic floor, while still delivering the heart-pounding, muscle-strengthening workout you’re looking for. Our BB classes train your core in safe and effective positions, and focus on proper alignment and posture to strengthen you from the inside out and help you to heal.

BB Postnatal Fitness Classes